Merck & ESA Space2Health Hackathon

when?  October 6-7, 2017

where?  Darmstadt, Germany at the Merck Innovation Center

Never thought that you could work in the space industry? Think again! Whether you’re a data enthusiast or a creative mind with a background in business or marketing, your skill-set might be exactly what’s needed to solve existing healthcare and data challenges within the space industry. Fresh perspectives are key when it comes to finding ideas, which is why your individual experiences provide an innovative approach to assessing data collected in space. If you’re interested in finding ways to improve life on Earth and elsewhere in the galaxy, then check out the Space2Health Hackathon, which will be hosted by Merck and the European Space Agency (ESA) in Darmstadt, Germany, at the Merck Innovation Center. The 24-hour event has access to real Earth observation data for its challenges, thanks to support from FabSpace 2.0. Take the chance to show off your skills, meet fascinating experts from the space and science industries, and win prizes of up to € 5000 – including cash, satellite database access and tours at the Operations Control Center of ESA in Darmstadt. In addition, the winning team gets the chance to join the Merck X-Innovation Summit in Dubai, taking place November 22-23, 2017 (all-inclusive trip). You have until October 1 to apply!


The Space2Health Hackathon offers three different exciting challenges:

  1. Use Earth observation and epidemiology data to model the spread of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).
  2. Find ways to enable health tracking for the 3 billion people that live without internet access, in some of the world’s most remote areas.
  3. Work with real telemetry data from spacecrafts to find correlating patterns and resolve issues related to human healthcare.

The first of its kind, our 24-hour Space2Health Hackathon is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills – whether they’re rooted in number crunching, business modelling, data analysis, or simply your creativity – our experts from Merck and ESA are excited to see them!

You don’t even need to bring a team with you – sign up to solve one of our three challenges, and make your mark on the healthcare and space industries!