H-ACK Merck for Health


November 5 – 6, 2016, Cinecittà, Rome

H-ACK MERCK FOR HEALTH, organized by Merck in partnership with H-FARM, was the final event of an open innovation project started last April and was mainly focused on supporting the development of new digital applications for the healthcare sector. More than 120 particpants, from all over Italy joined the 24-hour non-stop marathon to develop innovative solutions in healthcare.


The 13 participating startups, composed by developers, designers and marketing specialists, had the goal to present, at the end of the 24 hours, a project chosen from one of the following areas:

  1. How to support doctor / patient relationship
  2. Big Data & Analytics
  3. How to improve adherence to therapy
  4. Disruptive approach and innovative ideas

And the Winner is…

The final balance of H-ACK MERCK FOR HEALTH has been very positive.
Healthmeup, a Digital Healthcare Consultant (Chatbot) were declared as the winners. Healthmeup aggregates data from various wearable devices available on the market, providing customized information for different kind of patients. The second prize was awarded to to Tommi, a video game for children with oncological diseases, to support them in the time of care, involving assistants and psychologists. The team has won the opportunity to participate for three months at the Merck Accelerator Program, including: access to Innovation Center in Darmstadt and to its co-working spaces; networking opportunities with Merck stakeholders based in Darmstadt, access to the online platform “Innovator Academy”. Finally the teams classified from third to fifth position have been given the opportunity to go directly to the final selection of the next Merck Accelerator Program.


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